2cm Granite

Pre-Fabricated Granite Countertops

Our goal is to offer you affordable luxury.  We specialize as a
direct importer of granite countertops that are cut-to-size with pre-polished edges.  These “pre-fabricated” pieces drastically reduce our cost and labor.  Therefore, we pass all these savings onto our customers.  We also fabricate, or cut and polish granite, in our own warehouse to fit the specifications of your kitchen.

Prefabricated simply means each granite countertop is pre-cut to meet industry standard dimensions and one or more edges are polished in a full, rounded bullnose edge.  This is completed before the slabs reach our shop, saving us, and ultimately our customers, time and money. From these standard pieces we fabricate, or cut and polish, these slabs as needed for each of our customer’s kitchens.

The Advantages of Granite

1.Extremely hard and durable
2.Natural beauty with endless    patterns and colors
3.Highly scratch and heat resistant
4.Forever-lasting value
5.Easy maintenance
6.Beautiful mirror shine

L & E currently offers pre-fab granite countertops in 15 different colors. The standard size is 25 1/2” x 96” with front bullnose edge. Optional left or right sides finished available. We also stock 36” x 76” and 36” x 98" island pieces with four sides finished. In addition, we have the big raw pieces of  slabs available for some of the custom kitchens. Our price starts at $199 for a 96” x 25 1/2” standard piece. Wow! That is less than $12 per square foot!


Pre-Fabricated Granite Countertops


Instead of just being glued onto and supported by the outer edges of each cabinet, the weight of our granite is supported evenly over the entire cabinet. This is done by resting the slabs on 3/4” plywood which has been screwed into the top of your cabinets.  Silicon adheres the granite to the plywood.

Estimates & Measurements


You can email, fax, or stop by with a top-view layout of your kitchen and rough measurements.  There is no need to give us square footage; we price our granite by the pieces we use, not by the square foot.  If you stop in, we can give you an estimate in just 15-30 minutes.

Your rough measurements are what we use to calculate your estimate and to place your order.  Once you order and place a 50% deposit, we will at that time schedule both a measurement date and an installation date.